Moartea "Moira" Lennox

Human, Female, Newbie Necromancer


Human, female, 18, Grey eyes, Black hair, Class: Necromancer/Monk, Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
+4 Necromantic Staff, Str:13 Dex:18 Con:16 Int:15 Wis:12 Char:19


Moartea was born on a small farm located in the hills of Toruloc island, she lived with her mother and father up until she was 8. Then, in a rather unfortunate set of circumstances, her family was killed by Bandits and her house burned to the ground. for days the little girl wandered the hills crying and lost, her Wails driving off any would be predators in the area. until eventually she happened upon an old stone tower, there she was found by Mortis the Adept, and old Necromancer who had retired to the region some years ago. He ushered her inside, and her some food and water, and listened to her ordeal, slowly hatching a plan in his head. after about a day her being in his home, Mortis asked Moartea if she would like to train under him as an apprentice, to which she happily accepted. for 10 years she learned and practiced the secrets of reanimating the dead, all the while training in the use of Chi and the Martial arts just as her mother had. on her 18th birthday Mortis congratulated her on her graduation from apprentice, and presented her with his old staff from his days as an evil Necromancer, smiling as he knew he now had a loyal servant to do his bidding. she happily accepted, and in order to show her gratitude to her Mentor and Friend, She Smothered him in his sleep that night, having known from the beginning that he would be trying to convert her into an evil follower, to carry out his fowl deeds. Her next course of action would be to track down, and murder the bandits who killed her family and destroyed her home, she would Slaughter every last one of them, and she would do it with the help of her Parents…

“I see dead people, And there ADOREABLE!” -Moartea Lennox

Moartea "Moira" Lennox

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