Quenth Paltrov

Half-Dragon, Male, the Amethyst Fighter


Half-Dragon, Male, 34, Yellow eyes, Amethyst Scales, Class: Aerial Fighter, Alignment: Neutral
Steel Bastard Sword, Str: 20 Dex: 18 Con: 18 Int: 20 Wis: 16 Char: 17


Quenth is an Aerial Fighter hailing from the North, and shows remarkable prowess in the field of Aerial Combat. Quenths’s mother was an Amethyst Dragon who inhabited a deep mountain lake, His father, A high elf Ranger, fell in love with her, and several Decades later, Quenth hatched. Being born a half-Dragon he was gifted with increased physical strength, able to lift 3 times his own body weight even while flying. Like all Amethyst Dragons, Quenth is Neutral, and only engages in combat when it suits him, or when his life is on the line, and has shown no Obligation to help anyone, whether they be Good or Evil.

Quenth Paltrov

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