Paula Lovasz

Human, Female, Guardian Paladin


Human, female, 35, Blue eyes, blonde hair, Class: Paladin,
+2 Bastard Sword, Str: 19 Dex: 16 Con: 20 Int: 13 Wis: 14 Char: 14


Paula Lovasz is A Guardian Paladin who follows the goddess Avandra, and travels with her companion/friend Charisa Sykes (A half elf sorceress) as they travel through Vyddar, Uncovering secrets, protecting the innocent, and Destroying evil, Paula herself is a very *ahem, Confident woman, she is very headstrong, somewhat believing herself to be invincible, and believes that those who have not earned her respect do not deserve it, though she does have a soft spot for innocent children, as she herself was an orphan, a trait she shares with her friend Charisa.

Paula Lovasz

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