Natallia BelleFyre

Half-Dragon, Female, Flaming Fists


Half-Dragon, Female, 29, Yellow eyes, Red Scales, Class: Iron Fist Monk,
Her own Flaming Fists, Str: 20 Dex: 18 Con: 18 Int: 13 Wis: 16 Char: 15


Natallia is a disciple of the Iron Fist style of Martial arts and Grew up amongst other monks of her discipline in a temple on a Volcanic Island far to the East. After completing her training she left her home, and now wanders The region of Vyddar as a Hired Fist, Punching anyone who gets in her way, And utterly destroying those who would try to harm anyone who she has deemed “Friend”.
Natallia is, like most of her Red dragon relatives, is Extremely confident in herself and her abilities, seldom pausing to appraise an adversary before rushing head first into battle. She is short-spoken and likes to smile, finding joy in life where others only see misery. meaning that she likes to watch and cause other peoples misery. This does not make her evil as she is just as likely to help the innocent as she is to harm them, Whether you be good or evil, those who find themselves staring down her Flaming Fists seldom live to tell the tale.

“It’s a shame really, I’ve got two fists, but you only have one face.” -Natallia Bellefyre

Natallia BelleFyre

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