Megahorn Ethmarlend

Elf, Male, Trade Overseer


Elf, Male, 235 , green eyes, White hair, Class: Ranger,
+1 Elven Bow , Str: 14 Dex: 18 Con: 15 Int: 12 Wis: 12 Char: 14


Megahorn Ethmarlend is the Elf in charge of Trade and messages between Island C and the rest of the Elven Archipelago, and Like all Island C elves, he hates island D elves. However he is one of the Few elves on island C actually willing to put up with Bivouac, The Elven Emissary, going so far as to think of him as a friend. Megahorn is very skilled with a bow and has a trained Falcon named Stern as his companion, and Rides a Male Rubeosaurus named Assago as a Mount.

Megahorn Ethmarlend

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