Princess Kaneohe

Elf, Female, Princess of the elves


Elf, female, 760, Blue eyes, White hair, Class: Sorceress,
Never Armed, Str: 9 Dex: 13 Con: 20 Int: 18 Wis: 18 Char: 17


The Royal Family was killed that terrible night, room by room, bed by bed, All who resided in that castle were killed, all except for Kaneohe, who had not fallen asleep when the unseen force entered the castle… The angry murdered souls live on, trapped inside the walls and rafters of the ruined castle. there it remains, a cursed place, a place of death…
The Beloved Leader and Matriarch of Island E, Kaneohe Aistaraina is the last family member of the Royal Blue High Elves that once ruled over the Whole of the Elven Archipelago. Being the only survivor of the disaster that wiped out her bloodline, Kaneohe was deeply traumatized and has never spoken a single word since the Tragedy, nevertheless Kaneohe is still an effective leader and keeps the whole of Island E running smoothly and efficiently. Many people over the centuries have fallen in love with Kaneohe, but she has turned them all down, having never found the person worthy of her love and her voice…

Princess Kaneohe

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