Tharin Baggins

Halfling, Male, The Banished Bard


Halfling, Male, 50, Blue eyes, Brown Hair, Class: Bard, alignment: Neutral,
Finely Crafted Lute, Str: 20 Dex:22 Con:13 Int:15 Wis:20 Char:18


Tharin has been a resident of Vyddar for all his life, and he’s got a bit of history surrounding himself, history that no-one else seems to remember…
It was he who was the original Owner of the Brine-Midget, It was he who caused the great Merfolk Famine of 36’ and it was he who stole the Brood of the Great Dragon turtle Amadeus.
In recent times Tharin Had found himself banished to Death Island for some reason or another, and found himself wrapped up in some kind of Party of Adventurers, and whether he likes it or not, it’s up to him to record their legend through song…

Tharin Baggins

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