Kosmoceratops, Male, 120, Ceratopsian Mount


Kosmoceratops, Male, 120, yellow eyes, Blue and Grey scales, Class: Mount, Height:6 feet, Weight:2.5 tonnes, Length:23 feet
+2 Goring Horn , Str: 20 Dex: 12 Con: 9 Int: 4 Wis: 6 Char: 10


Floridus, like other members of his species, has a Herbivorous diet, and usually behaves in a Docile manner. However, The one thing that will make a Kosmoceratops display extreme aggression, is if someone touches the Ornamental Curved horns lining their Frill, in which case usually leads to someone or something getting Trampled to death. Handlers recommend that riders avoid touching these horns if possible.


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