Charisa Sykes

Half Elf, Female, Insane Sorceress


Half-Elf, female, 32, Autumn eyes, Black hair, Class: Sorcerer,
Sorcerer’s Staff , Str: 13 Dex: 17 Con: 14 Int: 19 Wis: 12 Char: 18


Charisa Sykes travels with her Best Friend in the whole world Paula Lovasz (A human Paladin) as they travel through Vyddar, Uncovering Fun, protecting NEW FRIENDS, and Destroying NOT FRIENDS, Charisa switches between periods of hyper activity where she is easily distracted and often doesn’t grasp the severity of a situation, and periods where she displays a chilling levels of cunning and ruthlessness that rivals that of a criminal mastermind. she also likes to tell jokes. Bad ones. she is an orphan, a trait she shares with her friend Paula. Charisa’s favored catchphrase in any given situation is to rapidly repeat “Oh, I see Oh, Oh ho ho, heh heh, hee…” before dissolving into a fit of insane giggling.

‘’Oh look – I’m opening my box of care! Oh wait – it’s empty!’’ -Charisa Sykes

Charisa Sykes

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