Hill Giant, Male, brother of Sherm


Hill Giant, Male, 30, brown hair, Plump, Grey eyes, Class: Shepherd. Bell Staff , Str: 21 Dex: 11 Con: 12 Int: 8 Wis: 10 Char: 12


Bubba and his brother Sherm have been living in the hills of Toruloc island for years, they raise their beloved flock of sheep as a food source, a means of earning gold, and for companionship. Bubba is a gentle soul who enjoys helping people, and will often approach travelers with the intention of giving directions, this often leads to running and screaming, this then leads to Bubba chasing after strangers deeply concerned that they need his help. Bubba can sometimes be very forgetful when it comes to his duties as a shepherd, and this has on several occasions, lead to him losing track of the whole flock , But they’ve always found their way back sooner or later…


Vyddar BenevolentDM