Aedon Klaxx

Human, Male, Irishish Blacksmith


Human, Male, 47, Green eyes, Red hair, Class: Blacksmith,
Craftsman’s Hammer , Str: 17 Dex: 13 Con: 15 Int: 12 Wis: 16 Char: 17


Aedon Klaxx has been Westerly towns most renowned Blacksmith for as long as anyone can remember, mostly because he is Westerly towns Only Blacksmith and has been for the past 25 years. he knows the region well, and those who need information often find their way to Klaxx’s forge. While he is a great blacksmith he excels more in repairing weapons rather than forging them and will only provide services to those who bring their own ores. He lives in the second floor of his forge with his beloved poodle Shantytarts.

Aedon Klaxx

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